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Do You Ask Yourself

the Following Questions?

Like the changing of the seasons, so will your financial needs change as you journey through life. Each new chapter of your life will bring new questions when it comes to your finances.

Questions when you're younger, like:

How much do I need to save each month to reach my retirement goals?


What retirement plans should I contribute to in order to, maximize my gains, reduce my losses and create fewer taxes now and in the future?

As your children approach college, you might ask yourself challenging questions, like:

How can I pay for my child’s college education with as little out-of-pocket money as possible?


How do I help my child pick the right school, for the right reasons, that will give us the best financial aid package? 


How can I find and apply for grants and/or scholarships so that my child doesn’t graduate with a lot of debt or deplete my savings or retirement accounts?


How can our child pick the right degree, something they will enjoy and be passionate about?​

And as you near retirement or retire, your needs, wants, goals and concerns will change. You may start asking yourself some difficult questions like:

At what age can I retire?

When should my spouse and I start taking our social security income and what claiming strategy should we use?


How much money can I withdraw from my retirement accounts without running out of money?

How can I generate income that my spouse and I can’t outlive?

What is the best way to leave a legacy to my children, grandchildren, or a charity?

We can help you get the answers to these and other difficult questions when it comes to your finances. We will customize an easy-to-understand strategy specifically designed for you and your family for each financial stage of your life.


Our complimentary planning process is a way for us to ensure that we help you reach your financial goals.


We’re likely to introduce you to strategies that other financial firms won’t. Our clients see their financial picture in a complete spectrum of color and clarity.


Watch our videos to learn about how you can eliminate market losses, reduce taxes, create income for life, have enough money when you retire, and remove any retirement gaps. In addition, you'll learn about our planning process.


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Our Mission is to create a better world for all of us and future generations.

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Our Vision is to continue to be a leader in the financial services industry with honesty and integrity. This is demonstrated by our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We have been an accredited business with them, with zero customer complaints, since our beginning, which was August of 2000.



Inside The Foothills Credit Union Building 

7990 W. Alameda Ave. Lakewood, CO 80226 

Office:  303.922.4309

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